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New Port Richey Bicycle Accident Lawyer

New Port Richey is ideal for bicyclists in many ways. Our beautiful weather creates an incentive for those looking to exercise or get around cheaply to buy a bicycle and start pedaling. Unfortunately, the city’s layout isn’t the most bicycle friendly. Our city experiences far too many cyclist collisions each year which send injured victims to the hospital. If you were injured while riding, you might have legal options for seeking compensation. To find out whether you can sue, contact Florin Gray today. One of our New Port Richey bicycle accident lawyers will meet with you to go over what you know about the crash.

Did a Negligent Driver Strike You?

Many bicycle accidents are caused by motorists who exhibit carelessness in how they drive. They certainly do not show the care we expect of someone with a valid driver’s license. Many of these drivers refuse to share the road with cyclists and find them annoying, even though Florida law requires that they yield the right of way and avoid following too closely. It isn’t unusual for a driver to cut off a cyclist or refuse to let them pass through an intersection.

Other motorists are simply careless and might not even see a cyclist out on the road. For example, they could make a right- or left-hand turn without checking to see if a cyclist is coming through the intersection. Other drivers open car doors when they are parked at the curb, and a cyclist rides straight into the door. These types of accidents can lead to serious injuries as well.

Under Florida law, you can seek money damages from anyone who negligently hurts you. Many of our clients have high expenses:

  • Medical care to treat injuries is often expensive. Someone with a concussion, broken bones, or back injury might need to stay in the hospital for days. More serious injuries can leave a person paralyzed and in need of around-the-clock care.
  • Injured bicyclists often cannot work as they recover, so they lose out on income. Many victims report feeling financial stress.
  • Your bicycle is possibly wrecked and probably needs to be repaired or replaced. You could have had other property destroyed in the crash.

An injured cyclist should also seek compensation for physical pain, suffering, mental distress, depression, and other non-economic losses. These could be worth a considerable sum of money, depending on your injuries.

Call Florin Gray—We Help Injured Cyclists Every Day

Anyone struck by a motorist or run off the road should hire a lawyer to represent their interests. Florin Gray is an established personal injury firm that has negotiated many settlements for accident victims. We can discuss how much you might receive and any hurdles to getting the compensation you deserve. Ready to find out more? Please call our firm to speak with a member of our team. Our New Port Richey bicycle accident lawyers have decades of combined experience ready to put at your disposal, and we can meet you at a convenient location and time.