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Tampa Age Discrimination Lawyer

Age discrimination is an unfortunate reality for many of Florida’s workers. As they get older, workers may face unfair challenges such as age-related biases, comments, harassment, and employment decisions. Age discrimination can end a thriving career early, and limit a person’s prospects for the future. Whether or not you’re ready to retire, don’t put up with age discrimination at work. Contact the experienced Tampa age discrimination lawyers at Florin Gray for help.

How can Florin Gray help my case?

At Florin Gray, we understand that you might not know a lot about age discrimination lawsuits. We don’t expect you to. We want you to be able to focus on your job and day-to-day life, not the legal processes that goes into suing a company for discrimination. That is why we proudly offer our legal services to investigate, prove, and demand compensation for age discrimination in Tampa.

We take on clients who face all kinds of workplace discrimination, and who have suffered harms such as termination, demotion, or unfairly losing a job opportunity to a younger, less-qualified candidate.

Why Choose Us?

Florin Gray is a trusted employment law firm in Tampa Bay. We aggressively fight for what is right in each case we accept. We provide hands-on legal representation to Florida workers who suffer because of unlawful and unfair employment practices.

We can file lawsuits against employers no matter how large or small, and we support our clients throughout every phase of the legal process. We represent employees in need – plain and simple.

What is “Age Discrimination?”

If your employer, manager, supervisor, or fellow coworker treated you less favorably than others because of your age, you are the victim of age discrimination. Discrimination can take many shapes and forms. It may not involve the loss of a job or paycheck. Both workers in question may be over the age of 40. The supervisor may be older than the discrimination victim.

Do not assume you do not have a case of discrimination before talking to an attorney. The definition is broad, and you may qualify for reparation.

Examples of Age Discrimination in Tampa

Not all undesirable employment decisions are automatically age discrimination in the workplace. For a case to qualify as discrimination under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, it must fulfill certain specifications.

Mainly, the action must have harmed an employee who is 40 years of age or older, and the employer must have taken the action on the basis of a stereotype or discrimination against the employee.

Examples of age discrimination at work are as follows:

  • Age-biased comments, jokes, or slurs
  • Laying off older workers who are more qualified than younger ones
  • Disciplining only the older employees
  • Promoting only the younger employees
  • Making hiring decisions based solely on age
  • Showing favoritism to younger employees
  • Pattern of only hiring younger workers
  • Sudden negative performance reviews after a birthday
  • Harassment due to age

Any of these actions could be signs of age discrimination. It’s up to the victim to detect discrimination and report to the proper authorities. Not all forms of discrimination affect your pay scale – some will make your workplace environment feel hostile. Either way, you are a victim and deserve legal representation.

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The moment you suspect age discrimination, contact our team. Florin Gray offers free consultations and initial case evaluations to discuss your situation in person or over the phone, at no obligation.