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Tampa Sick Leave Lawyer

Wrongful termination is firing an employee for an illegal reason. It may be a breach of contract or a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, contact one of our Tampa sick leave attorneys from Florin Gray as soon as possible. Our Tampa employment lawyer is a dedicated advocate for our clients.

Why Choose Florin Gray?

Our attorneys have more than 100 years of experience, successfully handling employment matters. We take a hands-on approach to every case we handle to ensure you receive the high-quality representation you deserve. We are selective in representing clients, so we can maintain a smaller caseload and give each of our clients the respect and attention he or she deserves.

How Our Tampa Attorneys Can Help You

If you have lost your job and you believe it was for an unlawful reason, you may have a claim for compensation against your former employer. Bringing a claim for wrongful termination is a challenging process involving complex legal proceedings. Having an experienced employment lawyer by your side can increase your chances of winning a wrongful termination claim.

Florida Laws on Sick Leave Policy

In 2013, Governor Scott signed HB 655 into law. This preemptive bill put a halt to a local sick leave law under consideration in Orange County that would have provided for 56 hours of sick leave per year, mandatory across the county.

Proving Unlawful Termination in Tampa

Florida is an at-will state, which means that employers may hire, fire, promote, demote, or discipline employees at will. However, certain types of termination may fall under the category of wrongful termination in Florida, including:

  • Termination due to age, sex, race, pregnancy, national origin, marital status, color, religion, or disability
  • Termination for reporting or objecting to discrimination
  • Termination for making a workers’ compensation claim
  • Termination for taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Termination in breach of an employment contract
  • Firing in violation of labor laws
  • Firing in retaliation for an employee’s complaint against the employer

EEOC Claim for Sick Leave Termination

If you have been a victim of unlawful termination because of your sick leave, you may file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC may ask you and your employer to engage in mediation or ask for a written answer from your employer. It may investigate your claim.

If EEOC chooses not to pursue an investigation, or if the investigation is inconclusive, it will issue a Notice of Right to Sue letter. This letter allows you to file a lawsuit against your former employer for wrongful termination.

Unlawful Termination Lawsuit

Evidence of retaliation and wrongful termination may be circumstantial. However, our experienced employment lawyers can help you construct your case and present your claim for damages. For example, if you were fired for expressly stated performance problems, we will want to know if other employees have been terminated for the same performance problems. If not, our employment lawyers will look for evidence that your employer treated you differently based on a legally protected status.

Contact Us Today

If you believe that your firing was in violation of the law, then consult with an experienced Tampa sick leave attorney as soon as possible. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a consultation. Our Tampa Bay employment lawyers can tell you if you have a claim for wrongful termination and guide you towards your best legal options.