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Tampa Wrongful Death Lawyer

It’s nearly impossible to describe the hurt and pain that comes with losing a loved one because of another’s careless mistake. Yet, unfortunately, every day people lose their lives in car, truck and motorcycle accidents, falls and attacks on dangerous property, or in a nursing home at the hands of the abuse or neglect of an employee. While nothing can bring back a person who was lost to another’s negligence or intentional harm, it is possible to hold the wrongdoers accountable for the life they took and the losses they’ve inflicted on the family members left behind.

The law firm of Florin Gray helps bereaved family members obtain justice for their loved ones and compensation to help them deal with the many tribulations they will be forced to endure because of another’s carelessness or recklessness. Our team approaches every case with passion, compassion and understanding. We only accept select cases to ensure we can provide every case with the attention and diligence it deserves. If you have lost a loved one to a fatal accident or injury caused by another, call our experienced Tampa wrongful death lawyers today.

Helping Surviving Family Members Recover for the Full Amount of Harm in a Florida Wrongful Death Claim in Tampa

A wrongful death claim, as it is known under Florida law, is available in any situation where the deceased would have had a personal injury claim had they suffered a nonfatal injury. Most often, this is a negligence claim, meaning the death occurred because another person or business entity breached the duty of care they owed to the deceased. Examples include the duty to drive safely or maintain one’s premises in a safe condition. As experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, the attorneys at Florin Gray understand how to build and prepare a strong, solid case that proves the other party’s negligence, how that negligence caused the accident that resulted in death, and the full amount of compensation owed for the damage caused.

According to Florida’s wrongful death statute, the following people can recover compensation for the harm they have suffered or will be forced to endure because of the wrongful death:

  • Every survivor can recover the value of support and services they lost between the date of the injury and death, as well as the loss of future support and services they would have received. This amount is based on the decedent’s probable net income they would have earned and shared with the survivor, the cost to replace those lost services, and how long the survivor would have received such support and services had the wrongful death not occurred.
  • The surviving spouse can also recover for the loss of companionship and protection, and the surviving spouse’s mental pain and suffering.
  • Minor children can recover for the loss of parental companionship, instruction, and guidance, as well as their mental pain and suffering. If there is no surviving spouse, adult children can recover for these losses as well.
  • Parents who lost a minor child due to wrongful death can recover for their mental pain and suffering. Parents of adult children can recover for these losses if there are no other survivors.
  • A family member who paid for the decedent’s medical or funeral expenses can recover those costs from the party responsible for causing the wrongful death.

The decedent’s estate, acting through its personal representative, can also recover medical or funeral expenses paid by the estate or charged to the estate, as well as the loss of earnings of the deceased that would otherwise have accumulated to the estate. This amount can then be distributed to the heirs and beneficiaries of the estate under the deceased’s will or otherwise according to Florida law.

Florin Gray Helps With Complex Tampa Wrongful Death Claims

Many facts must be proven to hold a negligent party accountable for a wrongful death. The burden falls on the plaintiff, in many cases a grieving family member, to prove that the negligent party owed a duty of care to the deceased, they breached that duty by their misconduct or failing to act as they should, their negligence was the cause of death, and the wrongful death caused the type and amount of damages asserted in the complaint. Wrongful death claims often involve complex technical and medical issues that make them more difficult to prove and win than nonfatal personal injury claims. At Florin Gray, our attorneys have years of experience handling such matters and a record of success in achieving substantial results for our clients. You can count on us to approach your case with compassion, zealous advocacy, and the skill needed to get a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Call Florin Gray Today

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident, a premises liability or construction/workplace death, a nursing home fatality, or some other incident of negligence, Florin Gray is here to advise you, represent you, and see that justice is served for you, your family, and your lost loved one. Contact our experienced Tampa wrongful death lawyer today.