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Tampa Swimming Pool Accident & Drowning Lawyer

Especially during the summer months, swimming pools are often a lifesaver for families looking to beat the heat and enjoy some recreation. Yet we are all aware of the risks inherent with pools. If they are not properly cleaned and maintained they can pose a significant risk of accidental injury or drowning–in particular for young children whose swimming skills are not fully developed.

If you, or someone in your family, has been injured by the actions (or inaction) of a negligent pool owner, it is important to explore all of your legal options for seeking compensation for your losses. An experienced Tampa swimming pool accident and drowning lawyer can guide you through this process. Florin Gray is a team of dedicated Florida personal injury attorneys. We represent swimming pool accident victims in determining the underlying cause of their injuries and help hold the responsible parties legally accountable.

Common Safety Issues Affecting Florida Pools

Swimming pools open to the public, such as those in water parks, are required to follow strict safety regulations designed to protect swimmers from harm. But those rules are not always followed. Pool operators often try to cut costs by compromising on safety–and it is often the swimmers and their families who end up paying the price.

Some common examples of negligent pool operation practices that can lead to serious injury or death include:

  • damage to the pool itself, such as pool ladders and pool lights;
  • the absence of proper drain covers, which can lead to suction injuries;
  • broken or missing safety equipment;
  • a lack of properly trained lifeguards;
  • defective fencing, gates, and latches to secure the pool during off-hours;
  • dirty water due to a lack of proper cleaning and filtration;
  • allowing too many people to use the pool at once; and
  • a lack of clear delineation between the shallow and deep ends of the pool.

Even private homeowners can be held liable if an invited guest or small child is injured or drowns in their pool. Compensation in swimming pool accident cases is often substantial due to the severe nature of the injuries involved. If you can prove that a pool owner was negligent, a court can award financial damages including but not limited to:

  • past, present, and future medical expenses;
  • lost wages and diminished future earning capacity;
  • compensation for pain and suffering; and
  • other out-of-pocket expenses.

Injured in the Pool Today? Contact Florin Gray

Anytime that you or someone in your family is involved in a swimming pool accident it is important to seek immediate medical attention. You should also not sign any legal documents or “waivers” that the pool owner may shove in your face right after an accident occurs. Instead, you should take the time to speak with a qualified Tampa swimming pool accidents and drowning lawyer who can advise you of your rights and deal with the pool owner–and their insurance company–on your behalf.

Call Florin Gray today to schedule a free initial consultation.