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Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

A significant portion of Tampa’s population is age 55 and over. This means the Tampa region has more than its fair share of people living in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities. And as the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, many of these nursing homes are not up to par when it comes to caring and protecting for their residents.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is shockingly common in Florida. One reason the problem is so widespread is that many residents never report their suffering, either because they are unable to or because they do not know where to turn for help. If you or someone that you know is in this situation, the compassionate Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer at Florin Gray is here to help. We are dedicated Florida personal injury lawyers who make it a point of handling complex cases involving nursing home residents. We understand how difficult it is to step forward with abuse allegations. And that is why we will make every effort to hold a negligent nursing home accountable and obtain financial compensation and other relief on your behalf.

Common Cases of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence in Florida

Florida has strict legislative and regulatory requirements that all nursing homes must follow. The Florida legislature enacted a “bill of rights” for all residents, which include not just the right to appropriate care and medical treatment, but also protections for their basic civil and religious liberties as well. This also includes the right to file a lawsuit against any nursing home that violates any of these other protected rights.

Nursing home negligence covers a wide variety of harms arising from poor management practices and even deliberate indifference to the welfare of residents. Some of the more common cases we assist clients within include:

  • Failure to refer a nursing home resident for medical evaluation. All nursing homes must provide a basic standard of care for their residents. This includes having competent medical personnel on hand to review a resident’s medical condition and refer them to specialist evaluation when appropriate. Leaving a resident to suffer without taking such steps is a form of negligence.
  • Lack of cleanliness and hygiene standards. COVID-19 hit home the poor conditions of many Tampa nursing homes. Many facilities fail to observe basic cleanliness and hygiene standards. This places residents at an especially high risk for potentially life-threatening infections.
  • Medication errors. Nursing home residents often rely on a significant number of prescription medications. Nursing home staff must take special care to ensure that all medication is properly prescribed and dispensed. Medication errors are a shockingly common cause of hospitalization and even death when it comes to residents.
  • Improper use of restraints. Far too many nursing homes are quick to employ restraints and other physical force to “control” residents and prevent them from exercising their basic civil rights. This is completely unacceptable and against the law.

Signs & Symptoms of Nursing Home Negligence

There is a basic expectation that a nursing home will provide a basic, professional standard of care for all of its residents. Unfortunately, reality does not always live up to these expectations. Many family members are shocked and disheartened to learn that their loved one’s have been subjected to abuse, neglect, and other forms of negligence with respect to their care.

The difficulty in identifying cases of nursing home abuse and neglect is that there is not always a single, tell-all sign that a problem exists. Instead, the devil is often in the details. You may notice one or two things that seem off at first. And then as you dig deeper, you realize that a more serious problem exists.

If at any time you suspect something is wrong with a family member’s care, it is best to speak with an experienced Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer. Florin Gray is a team of dedicated nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys serving clients through Hillsborough County. We can assist you in identifying potential problems with a resident’s care–and take legal action to address the situation.

Asking the Right Questions When It Comes to Nursing Home Care

Nursing home residents are generally in a vulnerable position. They depend on staff to meet their basic needs, including food, hygiene, and medical care. This gives staff members an enormous amount of power and control over the lives of residents. And that can make it more difficult to identify the signs and symptoms of negligence.

So what do you need to look out for? Here is just a brief guide to some of the questions you need to ask when looking out for signs of negligence.

  • Physical abuse. Does the resident have any unexplained bruises, scars, or broken or dislocated bones? Has the resident been taking all of their prescribed medications? Are there signs that physical force has been used to restrain the resident in any way?
  • Sexual abuse. Are there any signs the resident has an unexplained sexually transmitted disease or infection?
  • Emotional abuse. Is the resident exhibiting any unusual behavior that might be mistaken for dementia or a mental illness? Has the nursing home staff subjected the resident to any bullying, controlling, or threatening behaviors?
  • Financial abuse. Is the resident missing cash from their room? Has there been any sudden change in their financial situation? Did they recently and unexpectedly revise their will or power of attorney?
  • Neglect. Is the resident living in unsanitary or unsafe conditions at the facility? Are they regularly seen in soiled clothing? Do they have bedsores? Are they exhibiting sudden weight loss or dehydration?

Don’t Delay, Call Florin Gray

Nursing home negligence cases are often emotionally difficult for both the affected resident and their families. We understand the sensitivity of these issues, which is why we strive to provide first-class professional representation focused on holding nursing homes accountable for their misdeeds. Family members often wait too long to speak up about potential nursing home abuse and neglect. But if you start to notice any issues or problems with a resident’s care or living situation, it cannot hurt to speak with a qualified Tampa signs and symptoms of nursing home negligence lawyer. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.