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Tampa Class Action Lawyer

Class action and collective action lawsuits allow for an individual employee or group of employees to protect a larger group of workers in order to obtain justice where a company has engaged in a policy or practice of illegal activity or the employees have claims that are common to one another. If you’ve reached this page because you’ve received a class action letter or are looking to file a class-action lawsuit, contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation.

Class action and collective action litigation provide efficiency to our court system. For example, rather than have hundreds of individual lawsuits filed for similar legal claims, a class action or collective action would consist of one lawsuit that includes all workers affected by the employer’s illegal conduct. The Tampa class action lawyers at Florin Gray can help you successfully navigate class action litigation.

Most Common Class Action or Collective Action Cases

  • Wage and hour disputes (unpaid overtime, off-the-clock work, minimum wage violations, unpaid wages)
  • Discrimination (race, color, gender, sex, age, disability, handicap, national origin, religion, marital status, genetic information)
  • Equal pay

Wage and hour violations often impact a class of individuals because employers generally treat all of their employees a certain way or treat a particular job category the same. In these situations, the best way for workers to change their employer’s pay practices is to bring a class action or collective action lawsuit. Similarly, employers make decisions to have a younger workforce, to segregate minority employees and enact policies or have practices that adversely impact the pay or other terms and conditions of employment for a class of individuals. Often, the only reason that companies stop these types of discriminatory behaviors and practices is because of brave workers that step forward, come together, and hold the employer responsible.

The attorneys at Florin Gray have litigated class action and collective action discrimination and wage and hour/overtime cases against large call centers, big banks, debt collection agencies, the telecommunications industry, car dealerships, large parking/valet companies, diagnostic testing firms, uniform companies, large hotels and resorts, soft drink corporations, and many others.

Contact Experienced Tampa Class Action Attorneys Today

Class actions and collective actions can be intimidating for those workers thinking of courageously stepping forward to help others. That is why it is important to speak with an attorney to have your questions answered. At Florin Gray, we are committed to counseling our clients through the class action process, while aggressively litigating class actions with integrity.