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Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer

Each day, thousands of Tampa-area residents rely on buses to get to work or school. And for the most part, buses are a relatively cheap way to move around town without taking on the burden–or risks–of driving themselves. Of course, taking the bus can never eliminate the possibility that you will be injured in a serious accident.

While bus accidents may not be as common as other kinds of motor vehicle crashes, they do occur with surprising frequency. And unlike a fender-bender involving a couple of cars, a bus accident has the potential to seriously injure–and potentially kill–dozens of people at once. The number of people involved can also complicate each individual victim’s effort to obtain compensation for their injuries.

This is where an experienced Tampa bus accident lawyer can help. At Florin Gray, we represent accident victims in dealing with insurance companies, public transit agencies, and other parties whose actions may have contributed to a serious bus crash. We understand the difficulty and complexity of these cases. That is why our lawyers work on every case as necessary. We do not rely on non-legal staff to do the legwork. We pride ourselves on providing hands-on, accessible legal representation to every client.

Who Is Legally Responsible for a Tampa Bus Accident?

Bus accidents in the Tampa area can cover a number of scenarios:

  • Collisions with another vehicle. Bus drivers must exercise the same care as any other motorist on the road. Similarly, bus drivers and passengers are at the mercy of every other driver on the road. Buses often collide with vehicles because one or both drivers violated the rules of the road or engaged in grossly negligent conduct such as drunk driving.
  • Collisions with pedestrians. Bus drivers must keep a proper lookout for pedestrians at all times, especially when approaching marked crosswalks. A driver who is in too much of a hurry to keep their schedule may end up striking a defenseless pedestrian, leaving them with potentially life-threatening injuries.
  • Slip and falls. Many bus passengers suffer injuries such as broken bones and after slipping on the floor while entering or moving through a bus. This is often the result of negligent maintenance practices on the part of the bus operator, such as failing to properly clean slick flooring.

Determining legal responsibility for a bus accident rests on a number of factors. If the bus was hit by a negligent driver, that driver and their insurance company can be held liable for any injuries. If the bus driver was negligent, the victims can take legal action against the bus operator. But this, too, may be further complicated if the operator is a public agency, such as Hillsborough Area Rapid Transit. Florida law imposes special rules on personal injury claims against state agencies, which must be strictly followed before the victims may receive any compensation.

Injured on the Bus Today? Call Florin Gray

A bus accident can do more than ruin your daily commute. It can leave you in the hospital facing thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost income. So it is essential to speak with a qualified Tampa bus accident lawyer who can assist you in obtaining full and fair compensation for your losses. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.