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New Port Richey Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Distracted driving is a menace on Florida’s roads. Numerous studies have shown that driving while distracted is as bad as driving while drunk, yet every single day thousands of people reach for their cell phone or fiddle with a GPS device when they should be focused on the roads. At Florin Gray, we have built a firm that represents accident victims like you. When a distracted driver crashes into another vehicle, accident victims can suffer terrifying injuries. Call us to speak with a New Port Richey distracted driving accident lawyer to discuss your legal rights to compensation.

What Are Major Sources of Driver Distraction?

Many different things can distract a driver, but the most common are probably:

  • Cell phones. By far, this is the #1 source of distraction. Some people simply can’t spend even a few minutes without looking at their phone, and they can crash into pedestrians and other motorists because they are tapping out a text message instead of looking at the road.
  • Other electronic devices. Bluetooth and GPS devices can also distract motorists at critical moments.
  • Food or drink. The problem with food and drink is that the driver might spill something on themselves, diverting their attention.
  • Pets. A dog in the back seat can spring into the front and cause a driver to get into a crash.
  • Music. Loud noise can impede a person’s ability to concentrate on driving.

These distractions make it very hard to drive and focus:

  • Physical impairment. Cell phones and food force a driver to remove one or both hands from the steering wheel. It is virtually impossible to take split-second defensive action if you have only one hand on the wheel.
  • Visual impairment. Cell phones, pets, and children take a driver’s eyes off the road. Consequently, a motorist might never see a pedestrian step into a crosswalk or a driver backing out in front of them.
  • Cognitive impairment. Even if a motorist is looking at the road, they might be mentally distracted. As a result, they never really process what they are looking at.

Proving Distracted Driving

After a crash, you might suspect that a driver was distracted. But how do you prove it? Many drivers will deny that they were looking at a cell phone. Instead, they might even blame you for the collision.

Our legal team can search for proof of driver distraction, but you can also help your case by noting the following:

  • Was a dog or other animal running loose inside the car after the collision?
  • Did the driver exit the vehicle holding a phone?
  • Did the driver admit to being distracted or not seeing you?
  • Was food or drink spilled on the front of the driver or the inside of their car?

We can use this evidence to show the driver was distracted by something in the lead up to the crash. We might also subpoena a copy of the driver’s cell phone records.

Don’t Let Distracted Driver’s Get Away with Hurting You

Florin Gray is proud to help anyone hurt by a distracted driver bring a claim in court or against the driver’s insurance policy. Contact us today to speak with our New Port Richey distracted driving accident lawyer.