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New Port Richey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles might be fun to ride, but they are also, statistically speaking, more deadly than motor vehicles. The reason is not surprising. Whereas SUVs and sedans have a metal frame protecting occupants in a crash, a motorcyclist often suffers a direct collision. In addition to devastating physical injuries, many motorcyclists will struggle emotionally to overcome their fear of getting back on a motorcycle—and some will never ride again.

Please contact Florin Gray, if you were hurt in a collision while riding your bike. Our New Port Richey motorcycle accident lawyer can discuss the wreck and review whether you can sue. You owe it to yourself to get experienced legal advice from an established law firm.

Motorcycle Injuries Deserve Compensation

Many motorcycle crashes are caused by negligent motorists. These are people who drive carelessly around a motorcycle and can either run you off the road or collide with you. The reasons for this poor driving vary, but some reasons include impatience, aggressiveness, and distraction.

A collision can leave motorcyclists with some of the most serious physical injuries a person can suffer:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Road rash
  • Cervical fracture
  • Compressed nerve
  • Pelvic fracture
  • Broken arm and leg
  • Back injury
  • Chronic pain
  • Paralysis

Unfortunately, many bikers will also perish in a crash. Their family members should reach out to a law firm to discuss the possibility of suing. Even those who survive can be permanently disabled and have trouble walking, maintaining balance, or even speaking.

Motorcycle wrecks also cause emotional injuries, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suffering. This emotional trauma also deserves compensation, as does your physical pain.

In Florida, we can sue a negligent driver for injuring you. Many motorists are fatigued, distracted, drunk, or careless. They have not driven with the care and skill that we expect of someone with a license, so they should pay compensation for your injuries.

Let us review your case. It is possible to seek compensation for a variety of losses, such as the medical care you need to recover. Someone with a moderate traumatic brain injury, for example, might need to spend a few nights in the hospital for monitoring. This victim might also need rehabilitation, speech therapy, and mental health counseling. These costs add up.

You should also seek compensation for lost income, damage to your bike, and pain and suffering. Because each accident is unique, schedule a consultation to review what type of settlement you might receive.

Contact Florin Gray

Florin Gray puts together custom teams to represent clients injured in motorcycle accidents. All of our attorneys are experienced in personal injury law and seasoned negotiators. At other firms, low-level clerks do all the legal work, and you maybe talk to a lawyer once. We run our firm differently. You will always have direct access to the experienced attorneys working on your case. We will also listen closely to your goals. Please call us to speak with one of our New Port Richey motorcycle accident lawyers in a free consultation.