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New Port Richey Slip & Fall Lawyer

One of the worst accidents a person can suffer is falling. Whether you are elderly, middle-aged or young, you can suffer serious injuries when your feet go out from under you and you slam to the ground. At Florin Gray, we have seen many types of slip and fall accidents, but they often have a common denominator—a negligent property owner failed to fix or warn you of a hazard, and it caused you to slip. Please contact our firm today to discuss whether you can bring a legal claim. Our New Port Richey slip & fall lawyer will listen to your concerns and provide an overview of the legal process.

When Can You Hold a Property Owner Responsible?

Most slip and falls happen because some hazard on the property caused you to lose your balance. The most common hazards are:

  • Liquids on the floor. Ice could melt or someone could spill liquid by dropping a pickle jar or bottle of beer. Also, stores that mop their floors are creating a slippery surface.
  • Defective flooring. Loose tiles, worn carpets, or uneven floorboards can cause a person to lose their balance.
  • Trash or debris. Receipts, slips of paper, or even wet leaves can send a person tumbling when they step on them.
  • Poor construction. Inadequate lighting, uneven steps, or missing rails can lead to falls.

In some cases, the property owner created the hazard, whereas in other cases they should know the hazard exists. For example, a fast food restaurant should know that ice usually goes all over the floor at the soda machine and that this ice will eventually melt.

Florida law requires that owners take reasonable steps to make the property safe. For example, a fast food restaurant could put a carpet near the ice machine to provide extra traction even when the ice melts. Other hazards can’t be immediately fixed, so owners should warn visitors.

Whether you can sue will also depend on why you are on the property:

  • Invitee. Typically, a business customer has been invited to come in and shop. The owner owes you the highest duty of care.
  • Licensee. The property owner lets you come onto the property, usually for your own purposes. You are owed a lesser duty, but the owner should still warn of hazards.
  • Trespasser. You have no right to be on the property, and the owner owes you very few duties unless you are a child.

Our legal team can analyze all the facts known. Many slip and fall claims are brought against grocery stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, and private property owners.

Contact Florin Gray Today

A fall can lead to serious injuries, including concussions, fractures, and back injuries. Elderly people can end up in the hospital and never come out again. To determine your legal rights, call our firm. We offer free consultations with a seasoned New Port Richey slip and fall attorney where you can get answers to your questions and ask about possible compensation for your injuries.