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New Port Richey Truck Accident Lawyer

Every year, thousands of Floridians are injured in truck accidents. Large commercial vehicles race in and out of New Port Richey to deliver goods, and they can easily crush any smaller vehicle that gets into their way. The occupants in these vehicles can suffer devastating injuries and need expensive medical care to recover from the crash. This is where a New Port Richey truck accident lawyer at Florin Gray is a big help. We have the experience necessary to analyze truck accident claims, collect appropriate evidence, and then negotiate a fair settlement. Contact us to learn more.

An Overview of Truck Accident Claims

Truck accident cases begin with the accident itself. Within a couple hours, the trucking company will have a fleet of investigators on the scene gathering evidence to use. You might be in incredible pain and unable to move. Hopefully, you can call emergency services to report the accident and request an ambulance.

Truck companies are aggressive negotiators, and they will probably quickly offer a settlement. You should refuse to take it. This settlement is not nearly as generous as what you deserve, and an experienced truck accident lawyer can usually negotiate something better.

The truck company’s insurance adjuster might also request a statement from you. Again, please hire an attorney instead. Truck companies are eager to pin the blame for the accident on victims, and you might make a statement that sounds like you are admitting responsibility for your crash.

Once hired, we can review all evidence and piece together what happened. This might include requesting logs from the trucking company or even seeking out surveillance video that captured the wreck.

We will also analyze who you can sue, which will depend on the cause of your crash:

  • Truck driver—he might have been distracted, fatigued, intoxicated, or simply careless. Truck drivers cause many accidents with illegal lane changes or because they are speeding.
  • Trucking company—the trucker’s employer is on the hook for compensation when one of their drivers gets into a crash. The company might also have been careless in hiring, supervision, or training.
  • Loading company—this company might have loaded the cargo inappropriately, causing an accident. Many tractor-trailers roll over when cargo is unbalanced or improperly secured.
  • Mechanics and other parties—they might have failed to keep the truck in good working condition. If the brakes fail, for example, then a mechanic who overlooked the problem is legally liable.

We can submit a demand for compensation to any person or entity which contributed to your crash. We will also negotiate aggressively to ensure you receive fair compensation for your economic losses, like medical care, lost income, and car damage, along with non-economic losses, like mental trauma, disfigurement, and pain. You should not suffer financially when a negligent trucker slams into your car.

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We are a team of experienced attorneys who have taken on some of the biggest trucking companies in Florida. Please call us to schedule a consultation with our New Port Richey truck accident attorneys.