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Tallahassee Discrimination & Harassment Lawyer

Every Tallahassee-area worker has the right to work in an environment that is free of illegal discrimination and harassment. Unfortunately, we all know of many employers who do not take this legal mandate seriously. We continue to see far too many cases of employees and job applicants facing both discrimination and harassment based simply on who they are or what group they belong to.

A skilled Tallahassee discrimination and harassment lawyer can review your specific case and advise you of your rights with respect to seeking compensation and other relief. Florin Gray, is a Florida employment law firm that focuses exclusively on workers. We do not represent corporate employers. This enables us to tailor our legal advice and services to obtaining the best possible outcomes for employees and their families.

Have You Been the Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

Federal and Florida state laws forbid employment discrimination on a number of grounds, including race, sex, gender, national origin, gender identity, religion, and disability. This means that an employer cannot base any decision regarding the terms or conditions of employment based on such traits–or even the perception of such traits. For instance, an employer cannot refuse to hire someone because they think the applicant is disabled or belongs to a particular religious group, even if they are not.

Discrimination itself can take many forms, including but limited to:

  • refusal to hire;
  • terminating or laying off;
  • demotion or refusal to promote;
  • reassigning an employee to less-desirable jobs;
  • withholding performance bonuses; and
  • retaliating against an employee who complains about discrimination.

Another common form of illegal discrimination is harassment. This is where an employee is subject to unwelcome conduct based on a protected trait or characteristic. While the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has said that “petty slights, annoyances, and isolated incidents” will typically not support a finding of illegal harassment, a combination of several such incidents can rise to that level. Essentially, harassment is illegal when it creates a work environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating or hostile.

In the context of sexual harassment, for example, an employer who repeatedly demands sexual favors from an employee would be liable for sex discrimination. Another example would be a workplace where supervisors regularly target employees of a certain ethnicity or national origin group with racist “jokes” and comments. It is also important to note that harassment is not limited to supervisor-and-employee interactions. An employer can be held responsible for tolerating or facilitating harassment by co-workers and even third parties such as outside vendors and customers.

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Workplace discrimination and harassment is a serious matter. You should never feel pressured to “go along to get along” and tolerate such abuse. Instead, you should work with a skilled Tallahassee discrimination & harassment lawyer who will put your rights and interests first. Contact Florin Gray, today to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team.