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Tampa Elevator & Escalator Accident Lawyer

Elevators and escalators play a critical function in helping people navigate multi-story buildings like offices, hotels, and shopping malls. Most of us use these transport systems without giving a second thought. But when something goes wrong, an elevator or escalator malfunction can lead to serious injuries.

Any kind of mechanical transport device can fail. That is why owners must perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure something does not go wrong when members of the public are actually using such devices. But if the process fails and you have suffered an injury, an experienced Tampa elevator and escalator accident lawyer can assist you in seeking compensation for your losses.

Florin Gray is a team of dedicated Florida personal injury attorneys. We represent clients who have been harmed due to a property owner’s neglect in keeping their premises in reasonably safe condition for members of the public. And we can help to ensure that such negligence is called to account on your behalf.

Why Do Elevator or Escalator Accidents Occur in Florida?

A malfunctioning elevator can potentially trap people inside for several hours. In the worst case scenario, the elevator itself can fail and drop suddenly, leading to potentially catastrophic injuries for the people inside. Some of the more common explanations for elevator accidents include:

  • malfunctioning pulley systems;
  • faulty electrical wiring;
  • doors that fail to open or only open partially;
  • doors that fail to properly level with the floor when stopped; and
  • other malfunctions due to defective or incomplete repairs.

Escalator accidents are somewhat less common than elevator accidents, and typically less potentially catastrophic. Yet it is possible to suffer serious injuries in a trip and fall on a defective escalator. Some of the safety issues you need to look out for are:

  • broken or missing steps;
  • missing teeth on the track;
  • lack of alignment between the sides and the steps; and
  • overall electrical malfunctions.

Either an elevator or an escalator accident can lead to serious trauma. Victims are especially prone to traumatic brain injuries (i.e., concussions). Even if someone does not lose consciousness, they may experience a number of symptoms in the hours or days following the initial accident, which require immediate medical attention.

Additionally, any trip and fall accident carries the risk of broken bones, neck and back injuries, and in some cases potentially fatal injuries. That is why it is important not to take any elevator or escalator accident lightly.

Don’t Delay, Contact Florin Gray

There may be a number of parties legally responsible for an elevator or escalator accident in the Tampa region. In addition to the owner of the building itself, the companies responsible for manufacturing the elevator or escalator may be liable if there was a defect in the unit’s design or construction. Companies that performed maintenance or provided parts for the elevator or escalator may also be partially to blame.

A skilled Tampa elevator and escalator accidents lawyer can review your case and advise you on what steps to take next when it comes to seeking compensation. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.