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Tampa Fatigued Truck Driver Accident Lawyer

Commercial truck drivers have a demanding job. They often spend more than half their day behind the wheel for days at a time. And as anyone performing a repetitive task over an extended period knows, the longer you go without rest the more likely fatigue will set in and affect your focus and concentration.

This can lead to a catastrophic situation when we are talking about drivers charged with safely transporting an 80,000-pound vehicle across busy interstate highways. Indeed, driver fatigue is one of the most common factors cited in serious commercial trucking accidents. And if you have been the victim of such a crash, a qualified Tampa fatigued truck driver accident lawyer can assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries and other out-of-pocket losses.

Florin Gray is a team of dedicated Florida personal injury lawyers who have the experience and knowledge to effectively represent commercial trucking accident victims. We can review your case, conduct a thorough investigation into your accident, and advise you on who can be held legally responsible for your damages.

Truck Drivers Often Ignore “Hours of Service” Rules

Truck driver fatigue is such a well-known problem that federal regulators actually limit how long an individual can spend behind the wheel without taking a break. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) publishes and enforces these “Hours of Service” regulations specifically to combat driver fatigue. In brief, these rules provide as follows:

  • 11-hour driving limit. Drivers carrying property (cargo) may drive up to 11 hours after spending at least 10 consecutive hours off-duty.
  • 30-minute driving breaks. A driver must take at least a 30-minute break from driving after spending a total of 8 hours behind the wheel after coming on-duty.
  • 14-hour limit. Once a driver comes on-duty (after spending at least 10 hours off-duty), they cannot continue driving beyond the 14th consecutive hour.
  • 60/70 hour limit. A driver cannot drive after 60 hours over 7 consecutive days, or 70 hours over 8 consecutive days, without spending at least 34 consecutive hours off-duty.

Like airplanes, most commercial trucks have a “black box” that records key information about a vehicle’s operation, including how long a driver has spent behind the wheel. This can provide critical evidence of a driver continuing to push themselves beyond the legal Hours of Service limits. If a driver has taken over-the-counter medication to help them “stay alert,” that can also help show they were too tired to safely continue driving just before an accident.

Hit by a Tired Driver Today? Contact Florin Gray

Fatigued driving is never acceptable, especially when we are talking about a commercial semi-truck or tractor-trailer. If a tired driver has hurt you or your family, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering just for starters. A skilled Tampa fatigued truck driver accident lawyer can review your case and advise you further. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.