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Tampa Negligent Security Lawyer

Florida premises liability law often addresses cases where a property owner is negligent in failing to correct a known safety hazard on their property, such as a torn carpet or a broken handrail on a stairway. But what about cases where property owners fail to secure their property against possible criminal activity? Can the owner be held responsible if a patron or invited guest is harmed by the illegal acts of a third party?

The short answer is “yes.” There are situations where premises liability extends to a failure to take adequate measures to keep patrons reasonably safe from criminal activity. In Florida law this is known as negligent security. The rules governing negligent security claims are quite complex. That is why it is essential to work with an experienced Tampa negligent security lawyer who can review your case and advise you on your best options for seeking compensation following a serious injury. Florin Gray is a team of dedicated personal injury lawyers who personally handle their clients’ cases to help ensure the most favorable outcomes.

What Are the Grounds for Suing a Property Owner for Negligent Security in Florida?

Negligent security cases tend to fall into one of the following scenarios:

  • Inadequate staffing. High-volume businesses like bars and nightclubs need to have enough personnel on hand to deal with potential security issues, such as a fight breaking out among patrons. If the owner failed to keep enough security staff on-hand they could be sued and held liable for anyone injured in a fight or similar incident.
  • Inadequate maintenance. Residential property owners, including apartment and condo buildings, need to regularly inspect and maintain their property to ensure certain minimum safety standards are met, such as ensuring all units have appropriate deadbolts and that any parking lots or garages are adequately lit at night.
  • Inadequate surveillance. Public buildings open at all hours, such as hotels, need to have security cameras deployed around the premises to help protect against unauthorized entries.

Some Florida property owners can avoid liability for negligent security if they take specific steps required by state law. For example, in 2023 the Florida legislature amended the laws governing negligent security claims against the owner of multi-family residential buildings. The new law specifies what security measures these owners must implement if they do not wish to be held responsible for a tenant or other person injured by a criminal act on the property. But a property owner who fails to meet these standards can still be sued for negligent security.

Don’t Delay, Call Florin Gray

Negligent security cases are complicated and often quite challenging to pursue. They require a highly fact-specific investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident and the subject property. That is why it is important to engage an experienced Tampa negligent security lawyer as early as possible in the process.

So if you have been injured by a violent or criminal act on someone else’s property and need to know more about your legal options for seeking compensation, contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.