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Tampa Negligent Truck Maintenance Lawyer

Commercial tractor-trailers are complex vehicles that require regular maintenance and servicing. All truck drivers and trucking companies understand they need to keep their vehicle in safe condition before heading out onto the road. Yet we continue to see far too many cases where these safety obligations are overlooked and ignored–only to result in disaster.

Negligent maintenance is a surprisingly common cause of major accidents involving semi-trucks in Florida. And if you are one of the people whose lives have been forever altered after such an accident, you have the right to demand answers–as well as compensation. Our experienced Tampa negligent truck maintenance lawyers can help. Florin Gray is a team of Florida tractor-trailer accident attorneys who can dig deep into a trucking operator’s safety records to look for signs of improper or negligent maintenance. We know all the tricks that trucking companies use to “cut corners” when it comes to safety. And we will help you ensure that such negligence is called to account.

Tractor-Trailer Safety Is Never Optional

When it comes to your own car, you might elect to let some minor maintenance issues slide. Trucking companies do not have that luxury. When it comes to commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, federal law strictly regulates safety and maintenance requirements. A truck owner must ensure that every part or accessory on their vehicles are in safe and working condition at all times. This means conducting periodic inspections.

Truck drivers, even if they do not own their vehicles, must also play a crucial role in this process. Federal law requires drivers to inspect their vehicles before and after each trip. Drivers must also prepare written reports flagging any defects or problems encountered during a trip so as to alert management that maintenance is necessary.

The reality is these regulations are meant to protect the truck driver as well as everyone else on the road. If any part of a commercial truck fails–particularly a critical system like the brakes, tires, or the trailer hitch–the driver can quickly lose control of their vehicle. And an out-of-control 80,000-pound semi-truck is basically a loaded weapon aimed at every other vehicle on the highway.

Hit By a Truck Today, Call Florin Gray

Put simply, poor truck maintenance is negligence. And if that negligence seriously injures other people, those victims have the right under Florida law to demand compensation for their injuries and related losses. Indeed, some of the most catastrophic injuries we see come from accidents involving commercial trucks that had known maintenance problems.

Your potential damages in a negligent truck maintenance case include not just your current and future medical bills, but also compensation for your lost income and diminished earning potential, as well as your ongoing pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Our skilled Tampa negligent truck maintenance lawyer can provide you with a more precise estimate of your potential damages after evaluating your case.

So if you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible following an accident involving a commercial truck, contact Florin Gray to schedule a free consultation.