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Tampa Sidewalk Trip & Fall Lawyer

According to Florida law, a property owner can be held responsible if they fail to keep their premises reasonably and a member of the public invited onto the property suffers a serious injury as a result. This is known as premises liability. It is most commonly applied to slip and fall or trip and fall accidents that occur inside of buildings open to the public, such as a store or hotel.

But what about tripping accidents that occur on a public sidewalk? Most sidewalks are owned by a local government or similar municipal agency as opposed to a private landowner. In those situations, a victim may still be able to recover compensation from the negligent public agency. A qualified Tampa sidewalk trip & fall lawyer can review your case and advise you of your rights in this matter.

Florin Gray is a team of experienced Florida personal injury lawyers. We provide hands-on representation for accident victims and their families. We understand the long and difficult recovery process that you face following an unexpected injury. That is why we will make every effort to recover full and fair compensation on your behalf.

Does It Matter if a Sidewalk Is On Private or Public Land?

A fall on a sidewalk is often more than just an inconvenience. When a body strikes the pavement, the result is often a broken arm, fractured hip, or traumatic brain injury, among other potential consequences. And whether the sidewalk is on public or private property, the rules governing liability are largely the same.

Those rules hinge on the legal status of the trip and fall accident victim. Generally speaking, a property owner owes the highest duty of care to an “invitee.” This is someone who is lawfully on the property to transact business. Private property owners also owe a lesser duty to “licensees.” This includes someone who invites you to their private residence.

Property owners are not necessarily liable for any sidewalk accident that occurs. Rather, the law requires some proof of negligence. Depending on the facts of a given case, this can include the owner’s failure to correct a known problem–such as a crack in the sidewalk–or simply the failure to warn a licensee of uneven pavement.

Additionally, when the sidewalk is on public property, trip and fall victims usually need to follow special rules to bring a personal injury claim against a state or local government. In Florida, this includes providing advanced written notice to the agency responsible for the sidewalk. State law also caps the amount of damages you can seek. Such limitations do not apply against sidewalks on private property.

Fell on the Sidewalk Today? Contact Florin Gray

A sidewalk accident is not always the result of clumsiness or inattention. In many cases it is the result of defective or inadequate maintenance by the responsible property owner. A skilled Tampa sidewalk trip and fall lawyer can assist you in determining the responsible parties for your accident. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.