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Tampa Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Accident Lawyer

Even if you have been personally involved in a jackknife accident, you no doubt have seen them on the news. It is difficult to forget the image of a tractor-trailer spread out on the interstate surrounded by multiple damaged vehicles. In some cases, the jackknifed trailer rolls over several times and crushes the people and vehicles unfortunate enough to be caught underneath.

Jackknife accidents are often the result of negligence on the part of the commercial truck driver and other parties. So if you, or someone in your family, was among the innocent victims harmed, you have the right to demand justice through a civil lawsuit. An experienced Tampa tractor-trailer jackknife accident lawyer can assist you investigating the circumstances that led up to the crash and advise you on the appropriate steps to take with respect to seeking compensation.

Florin Gray is a team of dedicated Florida personal injury lawyers with years of experience with complex commercial trucking accidents. Our lawyers work together on these cases. We do not rely on non-lawyer staff to do the hard work and we pride ourselves on maintaining a hands-on, accessible approach with our clients. We understand that recovery from this kind of an accident is a long and difficult process, which is why we strive to provide skilled, compassionate representation.

Asking the Right Questions Following a Jackknife Accident

The term “jackknifing” refers to an accident where a commercial tractor-trailer folds into a 90-degree angle, which resembles the shape of a jackknife when its blade is folded. The most common reason for a jackknife accident is that the tractor-trailer driver suddenly applies their brakes, which causes the wheels to lock. The trailer portion of the vehicle then suddenly swings out to one side as the cab continues to move forward.

In addition to sudden braking, a number of negligent acts on the part of a truck driver, trucking company, and other parties may be crucial factors in causing a jackknife accident. Some of the questions that we try to answer when investigating jackknife accidents include:

  • Was the driver operating at excessive or unsafe speeds?
  • Did the driver try to navigate a curve too quickly?
  • Was the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or fatigue?
  • Was the driver’s attention distracted or diverted just before the accident?
  • Did the truck’s cargo become loose during transport due to improper loading, thus shifting the truck’s center of gravity?
  • Was there a mechanical defect in the truck or any of its parts–such as the brakes–that caused the driver to suddenly lose control?
  • Did another driver’s actions contribute to the jackknifing, such as by suddenly stopping in front of the tractor-trailer?

Don’t Delay, Contact Florin Gray

Damages from a tractor-trailer jackknife accident are often far more substantial than the typical car crash. Victims may require compensation for a lifetime of medical care in the event of a serious injury such as paralysis or the loss of a limb. They can also seek compensation for intangible losses, such as their ongoing pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

Our Tampa tractor trailer jackknife accident lawyer can review your case in greater detail and advise you on the full amount of damages that may be available to you through a legal proceeding. Contact Florin Gray today to schedule a free consultation.