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Tallahassee Employment Law Attorney

Tallahassee workers often face unfair treatment on the job. While employers do have broad discretion to hire, promote, discipline, and terminate employees, there are limits on what they can do. For instance, an employer cannot discriminate on the basis of certain traits, such as an employee’s race or sex.

Indeed, there are numerous federal and Florida state laws designed to protect workers from such unfair treatment. A qualified Tallahassee employment law attorney can advise you on these rights and assist you in taking action against an employer who is breaking the law. Florin Gray, is a firm that only represents employees in such matters. Our team can help you if you need to pursue a workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, or wage and hour claim against a current or former employer.

What Are My Rights Under Florida Employment Law?

It is often said that employment in Florida is “at will,” meaning an employer is free to fire you at any time without having to give a reason. But that is not strictly true. There are a number of ways to pursue legal action for wrongful or illegal termination. Some of the more common scenarios that we assist clients with include:

  • Discrimination. Federal and state civil rights laws forbid employers from basing any employment decision–including hiring or firing–on the basis of certain characteristics, such as a person’s race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, or disability.
  • Harassment. An employer cannot create, maintain, or tolerate an environment where an employee is subject to severe or pervasive harassment.
  • Whistleblowing. Under certain conditions, an employer cannot fire an employee who reports or refuses to engage in possible illegal activities committed by the employer.
  • Breach of contract. If an employee is working under an express or implied contract, they may have a cause to sue if the employer terminates them without cause or notice.
  • Retaliation. An employer cannot fire or discipline an employee–e.g., demote or reassign them–based on their exercise of a legal right, such as filing a complaint.

Other key aspects of Florida law include minimum wage and overtime requirements. Employers must pay all non-exempt employees the currently applicable Florida minimum wage for every hour worked past 40 per week. An employer cannot avoid their wage and hour obligations by attempting to misclassify an employee as either an exempt professional or a non-employee independent contractor.

Contact Florin Gray Today

Asserting your rights under federal and Florida employment laws often require a number of steps. The process itself can seem overwhelming if you have never dealt with it before. That is why it is best to work with a skilled Tallahassee employment lawyer who can walk you through each of the steps and help to ensure a favorable outcome.

So if you have been the victim of an illegal practice in your current or former workplace, contact Florin Gray, today to schedule a free initial consultation.