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Florin Gray Represents Innocent Man Injured in Police Pursuit – Streamed on ‘Live PD’

Florin Gray is representing a man who suffered severe injuries in a police pursuit in Pasco County, Florida. In October of 2018, the Pasco County Sheriffs negligently and recklessly pursued Michael Blomberg, who had an argument with his girlfriend at a local gas station and then left her behind at the gas station. The sheriffs pursued Blomberg, who they admittedly had known from prior encounters, through busy traffic conditions and deployed stop sticks to blow out his tires. As a result, Blomberg crossed into oncoming traffic and struck our client, Kirby Sober, head on causing an explosion. The sheriffs violated several of their own policies and procedures during this pursuit, and they should have never been pursuing Blomberg in the first place had they abided by their own policies and procedures.

24 year-old Kirby Sober suffered from massive burns over his body and a severely broken leg that protruded through his skin and required multiple surgeries to repair. Mr. Sober has undergone several months of rehabilitation and physical therapy, and he has even more recovery ahead of him. His doctors have stated that he will suffer from these injuries for the rest of his life.

During this entire ordeal, viewers across the country witnessed Mr. Sober’s crash on Pasco’s “Live PD” television program on the A&E Network. Hunter Higdon of Florin Gray is requesting that the television network release the footage from the “Live PD” incident, as well as every piece of audio and video recording from the sheriff’s office. “Live PD” has refused to comply in any way, form, or fashion. Mr. Higdon has been contacted by individuals across the country who have expressed their extreme concerns about the impact that “Live PD” has on communities where they are allowed to ride along with law enforcement. They all have the same resounding concerns – “Live PD” does nothing to further the safety of the citizens of the communities where they film.

Since this tragedy occurred, Live PD has pulled out of Pasco County and will no longer be filming here.

Under Florida personal injury law, victims of car accidents can obtain financial compensation to recover from their losses during these accidents. Florin Gray is pursuing all available legal remedies for Mr. Sober.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a Pasco County car accident, please contact us at Florin Gray so that we can help you or your loved one get justice.

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