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COVID-19 Fraud – The Coming Surge

The outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 virus have already presented and will continue to present enormous challenges to the United States government and to the country as a whole. Both as a public health issue and an economic issue, the situation is nearly unprecedented. The United States has already committed billions to the fight. And in the coming weeks, months, and years the United States will spend trillions to keep citizens safe and to minimize the economic fallout.

Sadly, with the United States spending aggressively to combat such a serious public health threat, many will view this, not as a time to come together and fight a common cause, but instead to enrich themselves and to line their own pockets. The methods and schemes that these swindlers will devise to defraud the United States are endless. Likely examples will include everything from overcharging for inferior COVID-19 testing, supplies, and care to fraudulently obtaining loans through the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. The amount ultimately lost to fraud in this fight will likely total in the billions.

The United States simply does not have the time and resources to effectively and fully fight the fraud that is already occurring in the battle against COVID-19. Instead, the government must focus on fighting the scourge at any cost. But that does not mean that fraud should or will go unchecked. Instead, now is the time for whistleblowers to step forward and alert the government to these issues. And the False Claims Act, which serves as the government’s primary tool to fight fraud, allows whistleblowers to do just that and to share in what it recovers from the fraud.

Contact a Healthcare Fraud Attorney

If you have any information about COVID-19 fraud against the United States in the fight against the Coronavirus, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced Florin Gray whistleblower attorney. At Florin Gray, our healthcare fraud attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and skill to guide you through a complex process and to ensure that you are protected in your efforts to stop fraud.

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