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Gender Employment Discrimination: What Is It and What Can You Do About It?

Gender Employment Discrimination

Do you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of your gender? If you feel that you have a claim, contact the experienced Tampa gender employment discrimination lawyers at Florin Gray.

Unfair or negative treatment at your workplace because of your gender or sex is illegal. When gender discrimination starts to take a toll on the terms and conditions of your employment – from the application process to the hiring stages or being a full-fledged employee – it may be time to take action. It’s best to retain a highly experienced Tampa gender employment discrimination attorney to help you navigate the complexities of these types of cases.

Too many news headlines are still filled with the reality of gender employment discrimination. Examples include individuals not being hired or given a lower-paying position because of their gender, being treated more harshly or held to different or higher standards because of their sex, or negatively evaluated because they do not act or present themself according to traditional concepts of femininity or masculinity. Other gender discrimination signs to look for include being denied a raise, promotion, or training due to gender; disciplined for something that the other gender frequently does without punishment; or insulted with slurs, hostile remarks, unwelcome advances, and harassment, or derogatory names because of gender identity.

Gender employment discrimination is also inclusive of pregnancy discrimination and any form of sexual harassment. Private employers, governments, educational institutions, employment agencies, and labor organizations must abide by anti-discrimination laws to protect both job applicants and current workers.

Beyond gender discrimination, it is also illegal for an employer to retaliate against you for making good-faith complaints of harassment or discrimination, participating in a related investigation, or taking legal action. Employers are legally obligated to create a safe working environment that is not hostile to anyone based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Company policies and practices must not be discriminatory, so contact a Tampa gender employment discrimination law firm promptly when unfair treatment occurs to uphold your rights as there are strict deadlines and a specific set of actions to be able to file gender employment discrimination charges. Collecting and preserving evidence is key in gender employment discrimination cases. From your personnel file with HR to your performance evaluations, relevant emails and testimony from colleagues, to any employment manuals and discrimination policies in place, and writing down every incident of gender discrimination, these details are critically important to show your side. If you’ve had discussions with HR, supervisors, or other individuals about gender discrimination, note everything you can recall about the meetings and keep copies of any notes or formal responses from your employer.

When you have suffered gender employment discrimination in Tampa, a trusted law firm will help you to seek justice. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, you can get compensation for lost wages and benefits, expenses related to any medical treatments as a result of the discrimination, compensation for emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life, job reinstatement, punitive damages for especially egregious actions, and/or a change in the employer’s practices or policies to change the workplace to be more fair and safe.

The Tampa gender employment discrimination lawyers at Florin Gray are dedicated to protecting Florida’s workers from discriminatory treatment in the workplace. From our years of experience in litigating gender discrimination cases, contact us for a free consultation. We are known for our quick response times, helping clients understand what to expect from the legal process, and conducting each case with integrity.

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