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Family of Florida Lawyer Files Wrongful Death Against Vegas Casino


The family of a Florida lawyer has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a Las Vegas casino after the victim suffered a heart attack while at the blackjack table. The lawyer was staying at a hotel while attending a legal conference. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff had a heart attack while sitting at the blackjack table and the staff did nothing to render aid. Instead, the dealer is accused of dealing in other players while the defendant was slumped over in his chair unresponsive. The plaintiff was slumped over in his chair for 15 minutes before anyone attempted to render aid, according to the complaint. The employees of the hotel attempted to use a defibrillator on the plaintiff but the complaint alleges that they were not properly trained in its use.

When a heart attack occurs, you only have a small window of time to minimize the damage caused to the body and brain. In this case, the employees for the casino are alleged to have not properly responded to an individual who was in obvious signs of distress. The plaintiff ended up dying four months after the initial heart attack occurred. His family blames the casino for not acting fast enough to help a customer in distress. The plaintiffs further contend that had the casino acted quickly and called 911 immediately, they would have saved his life.

The defense

The defendants vehemently deny the allegations leveled against them and contend that their employees were not trained medical personnel. Further, they claim that the defendant had consumed alcohol at the time of the incident and that the dealer didn’t know if he was passed out drunk or something else was wrong with him. The defense will claim that their employees are not medical personnel who are trained to deal with the signs of a heart attack and they didn’t have a duty of care to ensure that the plaintiff received medical attention in a timely manner.

Elements of negligence 

In this case, it’s unclear who is at fault for the lawyer’s death. If the lawyer had indeed consumed several alcoholic beverages and appeared drunk to the dealer, then it may be that the dealer behaved appropriately under the circumstances. The family faults the dealer for not calling 911 immediately but the dealer is not necessarily in a position to diagnose a heart attack while on the job. The dealer could have called 911 immediately instead of dealing in another player, but he didn’t. The family contends that their loved one would still be alive had the dealer called 911 right away or life-saving defibrillation was provided promptly.

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