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Lawsuit Says Nurses Were Fired After Reporting Fellow Nurse to Police


A lawsuit has been filed against a Kentucky nursing home after two nurses say they were fired for reporting a fellow nurse to police. The nurses alleged that their fellow nurse was stealing morphine that was meant for elderly patients. The nurse is facing several charges including three counts of knowingly abusing or neglecting an elderly patient, theft of a drug, and possession of a controlled substance.

The nurses said that they had first attempted to bring concerns about the other nurse to management, but were rebuffed in their attempts. Management told them not to bring the matter to police instead electing to tell the nurse that they were “over budget” and send her home. The nurses called the police anyway.

The nurses were later fired by their employer. They have since filed a lawsuit challenging the firing. According to the lawsuit, the nurses were illegally fired for reporting their colleague to police. The lawsuit names two managers and the nursing home itself. The employees are seeking compensation for emotional distress, embarrassment, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Whistleblower lawsuits in Tampa, FL 

When an employee makes a complaint to the police about a fellow nurse who is stealing drugs, high on the job, and placing the lives of residents in danger, that is considered a protected action under the law. The employee is within their rights to report such conduct to the police. The employer is prohibited by federal and state laws from retaliating against their employee for doing so. This is known as whistleblower retaliation.

There are numerous federal laws that protect employees from whistleblower retaliation. Many of these laws are specific to particular industries. In the healthcare industry, there are specific laws that protect employees from reporting violations that occur in nursing homes or hospitals. Other laws are directed at the airline industry, commercial trucking, consumer products, environmental issues, and more.

These laws protect both the general public and employees who disclose information that the employee believes is evidence of illegal conduct, gross waste, fraud, mismanagement, or pose a substantial danger to public health and safety.

Many of these protections are provided under OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program. These statutes protect workers and make it illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who engages in conduct protected by law.

The nurses’ rights were clearly violated by their employer. They attempted to raise awareness of a dangerous nurse who was committing serious crimes in the workplace and placing the lives of nursing home residents in danger. Instead of being rewarded for bringing the matter to the attention of authorities, they were punished by their employer and lost their jobs.

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