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Former Bills’ Running Back Sues Over Jet Ski Accident


The Buffalo Bills running back Nyheim Hines has filed a lawsuit against another party after he suffered a season-ending injury in a jet ski accident. In July, Hines suffered a torn ACL. Hines alleges that the accident and injury will cost him millions in lost wages and could imperil his career going forward. The Bills were expected to feature Hines after their primary running back, Devin Singletary, left in free agency.

A statement issued by Hines’s attorney indicates that the jet ski operator was recklessly operating their jet ski and caused the collision that led to Hines’s injury. The reckless driver was cited by authorities for causing the accident.

Because the injury was non-football-related, Hines is due to lose millions as a result of the injury. It could potentially make his contract with the Buffalo Bills voidable. He would only receive a fraction of the money he was offered if anything at all.

Jet ski accidents in Tampa, FL 

Jet skis and personal watercraft are a popular form of recreation in Florida. They can also be extremely dangerous for novice users who mishandle the craft. They can cause serious accidents that injure or even kill others on the water. Common causes of jet ski accidents include:

  • Defects in the jet ski itself
  • Distracted operation of the jet ski
  • Failure to keep a lookout
  • Hazardous waters or inclement weather
  • Inexperience of the jet ski operator
  • Insufficient adult supervision
  • Intoxication
  • Lack of watercraft maintenance
  • Navigational rules violations
  • Reckless operation
  • Speeding

Injuries caused by jet ski accidents 

Jet skis are much like motorcycles on the water. There isn’t much between you and the water or other watercraft. Injuries are common when inexperienced operators drive the craft recklessly. Common injuries include:

  • Accidental amputation of a limb
  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Drawing or nearly drowning
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Severe burns
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Sprains and muscle strains
  • Traumatic brain injuries and facial injuries

Victims of jet ski accidents often require emergency medical attention and can require ongoing care that lasts weeks, months, or years. In the case mentioned above, Hines suffered an injury to his knee which is a big problem for a running back who plays in the NFL.

Damages in a jet ski accident 

If you are injured in a jet ski accident, you can sue the negligent party for causing your injuries. You are entitled to recover damages related to your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Pain and suffering damages include decreased quality of life when the injuries are permanent. Hines will be able to sue for lost wages related to his injury. Since his wages are those of an NFL running back, he may be able to recover millions in damages from the reckless jet skier.

Talk to a Tampa, FL Jet Ski Accident Attorney Today 

The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Florin Gray represent the interests of those injured by reckless jet skiers. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your injuries in greater detail.

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