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Help You Prepare for Your Deposition

A work discrimination attorney will thoroughly prepare you for your deposition during the litigation of your discrimination, retaliation, harassment, unpaid wages or overtime case. There are many tricks and strategies utilized by attorneys to weaken your case, so it is important for you to remain on guard as you testify at your deposition. There are many strategies that your work discrimination attorney at Florin Gray will discuss with you in preparation for your deposition and below are a few common examples.

Common Tricks and Strategies

One of the most common tricks that your work discrimination attorney can help you guard against is when the opposing counsel asks if you are “100 percent certain.” Never let this question pressure you into changing or revoking your answer. If opposing counsel does not like the answer you give, he or she may also remain silent in hopes that you continue to talk. It is also common to be set up with many questions you are unable to answer. Counsel may then act as if they are angry to fluster you or make you appear in a negative light. Another common defense trick is for the opposing counsel to paraphrase your answers incorrectly in an attempt to change what you said. Do not ever agree with the altered version of your response and remain true to what you originally said. You should not be afraid to respectfully correct the misquoting of your words.


Disclose all potentially derogatory or negative facts about yourself to your attorney long before the deposition. This is essential when it comes to helping your attorney protect you from anything the opposing counsel may find out. You should also reread your lawsuit (Complaint) and other evidence several times to ensure that you fully prepared and comfortable when your deposition begins. Preparing a written timeline of the critical events in your case is also a good way to ensure that you are comfortable on the day of your deposition.

Contact a Tampa Work Discrimination Attorney

Contact Florin Gray at (727) 254-5255 for an work discrimination attorney you can trust to represent you in your legal claims against your employer.

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