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“Succession” Star, Alan Ruck, Sued Over Car Accident


Notable Hollywood actor, Alan Ruck, is facing a car accident lawsuit filed by a California native alleging negligence. According to the lawsuit, Ruck had pulled up behind the plaintiff at a stop light when he, without warning, accelerated into the plaintiff’s vehicle, forcing him into the intersection. The plaintiff’s vehicle was then struck by another car. Ruck’s own truck ended up striking a nearby pizzeria. The lawsuit accuses Ruck of failing to operate his vehicle in a reasonable manner.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the plaintiff has yet to receive a response from Ruck’s insurer and the insurer has refused to claim liability for the accident. The plaintiff’s attorney accuses the insurer of “ghosting” them despite repeated calls to work out a reasonable settlement.

The plaintiff was transported to the hospital directly following the accident and his vehicle was determined to be “a total loss.”

Ruck and his attorneys claim they don’t know what happened and are blaming the truck for the accident. The insurer can claim that they only insure the driver, not the truck. If the truck is indeed responsible for the accident, then the plaintiff would have to file their lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck and not Alan Ruck. This may be why the insurer is balking at settling the claim. The insurer may believe that a mechanical defect with the truck is responsible for the accident and not their client. If so, they would not take liability for the claim.

Elements of negligence 

The plaintiff is claiming that Ruck is wholly responsible for the accident. He claims that Ruck hit the accelerator while the cars were stopped at an intersection, which caused a rear-end collision that in turn caused several other collisions. Ruck’s vehicle then struck another car before coming to a stop after striking a nearby pizzeria. Four total cars were involved in the accident and three people were transported to the hospital for “minor injuries.”

However, the fact that Ruck is blaming the truck for the accident is throwing a wrench in the plaintiff’s claim. Typically, in an accidental acceleration accident, the defendant’s insurer would accept liability on behalf of the policyholder. In this case, the policyholder contends that he did not hit the accelerator and the truck accelerated by itself due to some defect in the autonomous driving system or safety features which are now popular in automobiles. Such accidents have occurred and manufacturers have been held responsible for injuries and damages ensuing from these accidents. However, the plaintiff will need to sort out the claim before the insurer is willing to accept liability. If the truck’s autonomous driving system were defective, then the manufacturer, and not the insurer, would be responsible for compensating the plaintiff.

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