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Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Nursing Home Abuse / Woman Files Lawsuit Against Alabama Nursing Home Alleging Neglect and Abuse

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Alabama Nursing Home Alleging Neglect and Abuse


A Huntsville woman has filed a lawsuit against an Alabama nursing home over the condition of her grandfather. Her grandfather was a resident at the nursing home when she stopped by to visit him. He had a 9 inch by 9 inch infection on his back that was likely a bed sore turned into a staph infection. The nursing home staff attempted to dissuade the woman from bringing her grandfather to the hospital. She ignored their protests and brought him anyway. The hospital kept him for over a week to recover. They diagnosed him with a staph infection and a broken nose. They also determined that he was malnourished.

A lawsuit has since been filed against the Huntsville nursing home. The plaintiff alleges that the nursing home was negligent in their care. In this article, the Tampa nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys will discuss key signs of nursing home neglect and abuse.

Signs of nursing home neglect and abuse 

In this case, the granddaughter was proactive in her attempts to get her grandfather better care. She noted that his condition deteriorated little by little each time she saw him. She found a large infection on his back which was likely due to a bedsore. It’s unclear how the grandfather ended up with a broken nose.

Bedsores are a telltale sign of nursing home neglect. They are avoidable by ensuring the patient is rotated while on their bed. If your loved one is suffering from bedsores in the context of a nursing home, it may be time to hire an attorney. The bedsore could have easily killed the patient if the infection was left out of control.

What should you do when your loved one is showing signs of nursing home neglect or abuse? 

You should do exactly what the granddaughter did in this case. If you find your loved one stricken with bedsores, you should get them to a hospital immediately. You should also take pictures of the bedsores to use as proof of nursing home neglect or abuse. Bedsores are generally a sign of a poor quality of care within the nursing home.

Nursing homes are required by law to maintain a certain standard of care. When they fail in their duty of care, they can be sued. In this case, the nursing home failed to treat the patient for a major bedsore and allowed the bedsore to occur in the first place. These are both deviations from the standard of care that nursing homes are supposed to render to their patients. If your loved one is stricken with pressure ulcers, that is a good sign that the nursing home is not rendering the prevailing standard of care for the profession.

Talk to a Tampa, FL Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Attorney Today 

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