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Emotional Distress at Work

As our Tampa work discrimination attorney will tell you, workplace disputes often involve traumatic experiences and, therefore, most work discrimination cases involve some degree of emotional distress. In addition to other types of damages, emotional distress is a category under which you might recover compensation in your work discrimination lawsuit. There are multiple factors that will play into how your emotional distress has affected your life and thus, to how much compensation to which you might be entitled for the damage it has caused you.

Factors about Emotional Distress

As emotional distress is a type of non-economic loss, Tampa work discrimination attorneys work to demonstrate to juries exactly how your experience can be quantified according to a variety of factors. Factors juries might consider in your case include how badly your employer acted towards you and the degree of your resulting damage, including whether you experienced physical or mental problems. Additionally, the jury will consider the length of your employment, whether you already had pre-existing issues that were similar and the amount of counseling or medical intervention your emotional distress required. Also important is whether you were simultaneously going through other life stresses that could have precipitated your emotional distress, such as that caused by a divorce. The jury will consider both your credibility and that of your witnesses, as well as the degree of disruption that resulted to your life.

Contact a Tampa Work Discrimination Attorney

When work discrimination has resulted in your suffering emotional distress, such as depression or anxiety, you will need help from an attorney to make certain you can prove its degree to a jury. For a free consultation with a Tampa work discrimination attorney, contact the law firm of Florin Gray today at (727) 254-5255.

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