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Common Personal Injury Lawsuits

Most Common Personal Injury Lawsuits in Florida


What are the most common personal injury lawsuits in Florida? Find out by reading this blog post written by experienced attorneys at Florin Gray.

Unintentional injuries are a top cause of death in Florida, according to the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Vital Statistics System. When it comes to injury deaths in Florida, unintentional poisoning, falls, motor vehicle accidents, unintentional suffocation, and drowning are the top five leading causes. A personal injury lawsuit helps to protect an individual and loved one’s rights, get them compensation for injuries or loss of a loved one, and create change to prevent similar accidents.

Drug poisoning, through pharmaceutical and/or illicit drugs, creates the most injuries and deaths. Drug poisoning rates have exponentially risen over the last few years and the pandemic has exacerbated drug use and overdose concerns. Medication mistakes, exposure to other substances out of your control, defective products and supplements, and unsafe work and home environments can all cause these types of injuries and deaths.

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, not just the elderly. Public or private properties that are not properly maintained for safety, whether for residents, visitors, or workers should be held liable for creating injuries and deaths that could have been prevented. When a premise is found to have hazards, the negligent property owners, managers, and related parties that caused the accident will most likely have their insurance company represent them in the legal dispute.

Motor vehicle accident injuries and deaths happen for a variety of reasons in Florida. From drunk driving to distracted driving accidents and aggressive drivers, injuries can often last a lifetime or take away your precious loved ones. Someone else’s negligence, whether the other driver, auto manufacturer, tire company, or other entity, caused your physical and economic damages. Insurance companies want to find a way to lessen or deny claims, and this is where having highly experienced legal counsel on your side in a personal injury lawsuit in Tampa is key to having the strongest case possible. May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so we can all do our part to be more aware of these considerations when on the road.

Unintentional suffocation and drowning can also happen due to a number of factors. From negligent childcare to nursing home neglect, construction accidents to medical malpractice, these are scenarios that you need a trusted legal ally to fight for your rights in a legal dispute. Florida statistics show infant drownings happen in bathtubs and buckets whereas kids under four are more likely to drown in pools and kids over five are more drawn to natural bodies of water. Failure to properly supervise a child or adult is a breach of duty when a person or organization has been hired to take care of their safety. The caregiver should have taken proper precautions but neglected to do so. Property owners and product companies also can be liable for these types of accidents. Boating accidents also account for personal injuries in this category as equipment manufacturers, property owners, boat drivers, and others can be liable for negligence or reckless behavior.

Personal injury lawsuits are here to uphold an individual’s rights and shine a light on what needs to be improved to make our world a safer place. Personal injury lawsuits in Tampa are best pursued with the highly experienced attorneys at Florin Gray. They have the resources to determine who was at fault, protect your rights against insurance companies and in court, and offer free initial consultations to discuss your case. Contact us today if you have suffered harm through the negligence of another. Florin Gray is proud to have served the Tampa community and helped individuals win multimillion-dollar personal injury verdicts and settlements.

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