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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit: How Will You Be Compensated?

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Compensation

Are you a victim of a motorcycle accident? Learn how you will be compensated from our experienced legal team at Florin Gray.

Hundreds of crashes involving a motorcycle occur each week in Florida according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. In 2020 alone, 8,583 motorcycle crashes, thousands of serious bodily injuries, and hundreds of fatalities happened in Florida. Every driver and passenger deserves to make it to their destination safely, and when you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, you deserve compensation to get your health and livelihood back.

To learn how you will be compensated, a personal injury lawyer will consider who was liable for the accident and what damages from injuries to other losses you suffered in the crash. Compensatory damages include pain and suffering, lost wages, lost employment benefits, medical expenses, property damage, and any other manner in which something has been taken from you. Additionally, punitive damages can be available in some instances involving gross negligence and/or reckless behavior. The more significant the injuries and negligence, the higher the amount you and your legal team can ask for with motorcycle accident compensation.

When your injuries from a motorcycle accident in Tampa Bay take a more long-term toll on your life, an experienced personal injury attorney will calculate your future lost earning capacity. Economic experts will be brought in to calculate these figures. Sometimes it is not just another driver that has caused a motorcycle accident. Sometimes it is defective motorcycle parts or shoddy roads that cause life-threatening injuries. Gathering every bit of evidence from the scene of the accident to police reports, eyewitness accounts, and having expert testimony can make a big difference in your motorcycle accident recovery.

A motorcycle accident attorney will help you decide on the best approach for your unique circumstances and case, from going to trial to when it is the best time to enter into a personal injury settlement. With insurance steps that are different from automobiles and unique laws, motorcycle accidents are best handled by trusted legal counsel so you can focus on getting better. Insurance adjusters and juries sometimes stereotype motorcycle riders, and skilled personal injury law firms know how to overcome any preconceived notions these individuals may have and get the justice you deserve.

Unfortunately, some motorcycle crashes are so severe that they become wrongful death accidents. The motorcycle accident compensation in these types of cases can be higher due to emotional suffering and loss of consortium as the surviving family members are at a loss of services, aid, companionship, support, and more when a loved one passes away from a motorcycle accident. Wrongful death damages include funeral costs, loss of expected income and inheritance, medical expenses and pain and suffering before death and increased compensatory/punitive damages.

When you or a loved one is hurt in a motorcycle accident, call on the compassionate advocates at Florin Gray. With more than two decades of experience in motorcycle accidents, the attorneys at Florin Gray are here to help you through this tough time with a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and potential for motorcycle accident compensation from a court case to a personal injury settlement. Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Florin Gray to secure the compensation you deserve.

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